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10.1.19 Disclosing Unenforceable Terms in the Lease.

Managers often put things in the lease they can’t track, monitor and are probably unenforceable. These rules can get them in trouble because owners think they’re the professional, they’re being paid to write enforceable leases and expect if it’s in the lease the manager should monitor and enforce it. Managers need to protect themselves by alerting owners that, as a practical matter, they write things in the lease they HOPE the tenant will comply with but there’s no practical way to monitor them. Protect yourself with this relatively new CYA document. Click here to view

10.4.19 How We Handle Emergencies (an Owner's Perspective)

To set the owner’s expectations properly, and prepare them for the inevitable tensions of managing an emergency, you need to inform them on how you manage emergencies. This document should be part of your “onboarding” process as part of your drip campaign to set the owner’s expectations and let them know you won’t be getting estimates or call them for collaboration when it happens. This CYA document should be in your owner handbook and part of your onboarding process.

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