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Robert M. Locke RMP, MPM, NARPM national trainer is available to a few companies to do One-On-One consulting. Whether it’s help implementing a specific strategy (or document package), developing in-house workshops/training, reviewing financial reports, doing customized videos for your owners and tenants, help setting up a maintenance company, rent recovery business, lease purchase program (or a new management company) we can help you directly and put our shoulder (and 35 years of experience) behind any project or property management enterprise. This page begins to put structure to those opportunities as we begin to flesh out this new avenue of serving the property management community.

Questions About Consulting

Register vs Subscribe
Our site allows you to connect with us in several ways.
  • First you can Register by simply giving us your name and email. There’s no cost and 30% to 40% of the videos and training material will be available to you.
  • As a Subscriber that number changes to 75% to 80%. The cost is $27.00 a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • As a Super-Subscriber you’ll be able to reach us when you need to address a specific need or solve a specific problem. Super-Subscribers get One-On-One time with us monthly to discuss Whatever The Super-Subscriber Wants. We’ll create an agenda and talk about specific challenges facing you at the time, or, talk-through new strategies for growing and generating new revenues. There’s no long term commitment. Withdraw whenever you feel it isn’t working for you.

Complete the Initiate a Conversation form to learn more.

The Whole Enchilada

Rather than downloading documents one-at-a-time (or in small packages) some Want It All. We’ve developed a You Can Have Everything We Have Now and Whatever We Add In The Next Three Years option for one price. We’ll even amortize it over the next few years if you prefer.

Use the Initiate a Conversation Form to ask us about that option.

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

We both need to know that our conversations will be strictly confidential and stay between us. This assurance should be more-than-a-handshake or a promise to each other so we’ve drafted a formal Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that we will complete and forward to you for execution when it's appropriate. You can view a copy of it here. We work with many management companies and we will keep your material, financial records, strategies, documents and our conversation strictly between us.


Document Review

Clients often just want us to review their management agreements and/or leases and give them a report-of-findings and suggestions on how to strengthen them or add some revenue streams. We do that a lot and have a good system in place to process that kind of request. If you want to have that kind of conversation let us know using the Initiate a Conversation Form on the right. 

Financial Review
If “review our financials and tell us where we can do better” is your interest, then initiate a conversation from this page and describe what you think you need. Our financials would look like yours, but after 35 years, we can help you anticipate new revenues and start tracking them today.
Topics for Conversation

After our initial conversation we'll send two additional questionnaires that will tell us about you and what topics you may want to discuss. This questionnaire will save us both precious time and jump-start our conversation.

Revenue Sharing

Sometimes students love a revenue generating idea but struggle implementing it ... or don’t want to spend the money for the product and are willing to partner with us to make sure it works in their model. Revenue Sharing is an old and worthwhile option for many of these situations and we’re open to it. You’ll launch a new revenue stream, share it with us for a while, and you get it all for the long term. If it doesn’t work in your model we don’t prosper at your expense and you’re not out of pocket any money.

Please use the Initiate a Conversation Form on the right.

Set Up a Maintenance Company

Generating profit on maintenance doesn’t always require setting up a maintenance company and having a maintenance company doesn’t always require you to hire staff, buy ladders, buckets of paint and vans. We’ve profited on the maintenance side of property management several different ways and we’re happy to help you figure out What’s Best For You Today.

Complete the form on this page to initiate a conversation and we'll talk through it together.

Set Up a Rent Recovery Business

After years of letting tenants leave without any concrete answers we started a ‘Post Move Out Rent Recovery’ business in 2016. It took us a while to figure it out but we’ve collected $1,600,000.00 (with an 80% profit margin) since we started. We have several levels of help we can give you so you can cash in on this side of the management business.
Initiate a conversation about a Rent Recovery Business

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