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Our clients experience transformational changes in their property management model resulting in a safer way to operate (eliminating litigation), a measurable surge in revenues and a more scalable business model. Watch the video testimonies throughout this site and see how managers of all sizes rave about their success on their Path To Prosperity managing small residential properties.

Growing doors is great when you’re growing out of a scalable, profitable and safe model, but growing doors may not be the place to start. Re-examining your infrastructure maybe a smarter beginning. Growing out of a defective and archaic model will only increase the chaos and pain.

David Campbell, Property Services of Atlanta, Georgia

Every couple of years I have our attorney review our lease just to make sure we haven’t missed anything. After this year’s updates, I sent the lease over to Robert to see what he might find. After meeting with him to review the document, I made 87 changes to my newly revised lease. Many of them were legal issues that would make my document harder to defend in court. It was embarrassing, partly because I’ve been at this for 25 years and currently manage 700 properties. Robert is really good at the legal issues and document creations.

David Campbell, RMP, MPM, Property Services of Atlanta, Georgia

Bradley Cotton, Cotton Real Estate Venture, North Carolina

As a recent start up, I knew we would benefit from having some expert advice and support. Robert has introduced me to income streams that I didn't even know existed! The benefit in learning this early on in the game is that I don't have to go back later to all of my clients and change the fee structure. The document packages, training videos, and consulting resources have added incalculable value to streamline and bullet proof our processes.

Bradley Cotton, Cotton Real Estate Venture, North Carolina

Kevin H. Knight RMP, MPM, Liberty Management CRMC, Texas

We downloaded Robert's documents many years ago and we operate a better management company for it. I know many who rely on Robert for great documents, revenue ideas and smarter ways to do property management. No one can watch the testimonies on his website and not conclude he's making a huge impact on this industry.

Kevin H. Knight , RMP, MPM, Liberty Management CRMC, Texas

Michael McVety, RMP, MPM, Realty Services Property Management Company CRMC, Florida

As a larger company that has been in business for 35 years and managing 600 properties, we wanted to take it to the next level. Crown's PMA document package was a tremendous help because it made us more scalable and a lot more profitable. I can't believe what we learned from Robert after doing this for almost four decades. Our only wish is that we had done it sooner.

Michael McVety, RMP, MPM, Realty Services Property Management Company CRMC, Florida

Todd Barton Renters Warehouse Atlanta

I’ve been managing 5 years in Atlanta as Renter Warehouse. We’re up to approximately 1100 properties and have benefited greatly by adopting Robert’s documents. Even though we are a franchise and I am an attorney, and could draft my own documents from scratch, I chose in the very beginning to download the management agreement, and lease documents that Monica and Robert developed over the past 20 years. I’m reminded often that this was a really good decision and I continue to download any new forms that they post on their site.

Todd Barton, Renters Warehouse, Atlanta, GA

Todd Breen Virtually Incredible Training Property Managers

I’ve been working with property managers across the US and Australia for over 25 years and Robert Locke is clearly one of the industry’s top leaders and trainers. One of Robert’s greatest talents is generating more revenue from your current book of business. He has figured out how to turn a nickel-dime business into a money machine and is willing to share that knowledge with others in the business. You can’t go wrong embracing his material.

Todd Breen, Home Property Management and VirtuallyinCredible, Florida

John Bradford NARPM

I’ve known Robert since I joined NARPM 12 years ago. He is a consummate professional and great trainer. His workshops are informative and entertaining and he’ll teach you how to make more money in this business. You’ll be a better property manager by engaging in his material and watching his videos.

John Bradford, RMP, MPM, Park Avenue Properties, Charlotte, NC

Matt Manaker Charleston Training Property Managers Robert Locke

We’ve been in business twelve years and manage about 600 properties. We engaged Robert’s 12 month consulting agreement and have been redoing our PMA and Lease documents for the past 3 months. Robert has been there throughout the process as we tweaked his documents to fit our model and state laws. In this process we’ve learned a ton and we’ll make lots more money from his training and management strategies. His revenue sharing ideas were easy to implement and our income shot up immediately upon our engaging with Robert.

Matt Manaker, Charleston Home Rentals LLC, Charleston, SC