Our Free Document Assessment Offering

For several years we’ve offered a document assessment to help colleagues see what’s great (and what’s not so great) in their management agreement (or lease). Most are shocked at our findings. We’ve done about 80 thus far. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see the holes in our own agreements.

We’ll run your document through several filters including: are there tripping points in the documents (making it hard for you to manage); is it built to scale (can you double in size without crashing); is it set up to be really profitable (disclosing all the revenues you’ll receive); is it streamlined and efficient (or clunky and cumbersome) and; lastly, is it structured to attract a buyer someday (when you’re ready to cash in). We simply mark it up like your third grade teacher did, scan it back to you and get on the phone to review with you. You’re making no promises and it costs you nothing.

We usually charge for this service but have decided to do a few for FREE for a while to help colleagues see what they are doing that makes their companies harder to run and less profitable than they should be. We’ll take these requests on a first-come-first-serve basis and cut it off when we have too many in the system. Don’t hold your breath as it may take us several weeks to complete yours. We’ll let you know immediately where your request stands and how long before we have it done.

Two Easy Steps

Scan your management agreement to admin@trainingpropertymanagers.com

We will acknowledge receipt as soon as we receive it.

Thank you for participating in this offering.

You’ll begin receiving videos. We encourage you to watch them before we review your documents together as they will lay an important foundation for our assessment and discussion. We will reach out to you to schedule a consulting call to go over our findings with you. Depending on the volume of responses, it may be a couple of weeks . . . so don’t be surprised.

Todd Barton Renters Warehouse AtlantaAlthough I am an attorney (and we are a franchise) we adopted Robert and Monica’s documents in the very beginning of our business and we’re really glad we did. We make more money than we ever expected to make and stay out of trouble with all their CYA and customized documents. With 1,200 properties under management, the business runs smooth; partly because of the documents and strategies we embraced from the Crown model.

Todd Barton, Renters Warehouse, Atlanta, GA

Todd Breen Virtually Incredible Training Property ManagersI’ve been working with property managers across the US and Australia for over 25 years and Robert Locke is clearly one of the industry’s top leaders and trainers. One of Robert’s greatest talents is generating more revenue from your current book of business. He has figured out how to turn a nickel-dime business into a money machine and is willing to share that knowledge with others in the business. You can’t go wrong embracing his material.

Todd Breen, Home Property Management and VirtuallyinCredible, Florida

John Bradford NARPMI’ve known Robert since I joined NARPM 12 years ago. He is a consummate professional and great trainer. His workshops are informative and entertaining and he’ll teach you how to make more money in this business. You’ll be a better property manager by engaging in his material and watching his videos.

John Bradford, RMP, MPM, Park Avenue Properties, Charlotte, NC

Matt Manaker Charleston Training Property Managers Robert LockeWhen we started our consulting arrangement with Robert, we didn't quite know where it would go. Right off the block he introduced us to a new revenue stream that will generate at least another $400,000 in the next five years. So, why didn't I do this earlier?

Matt Manaker, Charleston Home Rentals LLC Charleston, SC