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7 Ways to Connect with our Website

1. Guests can come and go as they want. 15% - 20% of our site is available to everyone. You don’t give us your name, email or any information; just cruise around and view at your leisure.

2. Register and get more. Give your name and email and gain another 15% - 20% of the site resulting in access to 30% - 40% of the site. You can watch videos, download documents and receive regular newsletters with great information and money-making tips for managers. Click to Register.

3. Become a Subscriber . . . another 35% - 40% of the site opens up. For a small monthly charge you’ll have access to 70% - 80% of the site including 100 videos, hundreds of downloads, tons of material to harvest, and we’ll keep uploading more each week. Subscribers get 20% off all Document Packages on the site. Click to Subscribe.

Note: On any of these programs you can quit any time. We’re not trying to handcuff you to us, but entice you to stay driving us to always make you feel you’re getting your money's worth.

The last 20% of the site is dedicated to large video workshops and individual document packages for sale such as the Crown property management agreement, lease and “Housekeeping Documents” that are used by dozens of managers as well as our foreclosure package, Qualifying Guidelines, Service Animal and Comfort Pet package, managing homeowner associations, home warranties and CYA document package; just to mention a few. Some managers don’t need them while others are in dire need. Also Subscribers get 20% off all document and video packages.

4. A Coaching program that will give you access to Robert Locke RMP, MPM, plus a monthly document distribution of special forms and training you won’t find anywhere. Complete the contact form on the right to initiate a conversation about the Coaching Program.

5. The Whole Enchilada is for those who want it all. It includes all the documents and videos and basically everything’s that on the site today and whatever we put on the site for the next two years. We’ll even take installments on this package because we want to equip you any way we can to protect you from the hazards of managing rentals and help you turn on the revenue streams. Complete the contact form on the right to initiate a conversation about the Whole Enchilada.

We’ve tried to price things to generate the response, “this is a no brainer!” So try us, and give us an opportunity to help protect you from the hazards of property management and generate more money in your business.

6. Revenue Sharing is for managers who want to increase their revenue without having to pay for an idea up-front. We might feel an idea is worth $10,000 but you might be hesitant to write a check for that. When that happens, we’ll partner with you, introduce the idea, help you implement it and share in the revenue it generates for a while. This way if it doesn’t work in your system, it costs you nothing. Click to learn more about Revenue Sharing..

7. Consulting is when the owner/broker is convinced that we can supercharge their business and hire us for specific tasks, an identified time, and a set fee. It might include inhouse training, reviewing your PMA or lease, reviewing your financials, or help setting up a maintenance company, lease purchase program, or a rent recovery business and even help you turn on other revenue streams. Click to learn more about Consulting.

Thanks for taking the time to check in with us.

We’ve tried to price things to generate the response … “This Is A No Brainer” so Try Us, and give us an opportunity to help protect you from the hazards of property management and generate more money in your business.Thanks for taking the time to check in with us.

Matt Manaker, Charleston Home Rentals LLC, Charleston SC.


"We did ONE revenue sharing with Crown, and so far, we expect an additional $400,000 of revenue in the next five years. His descriptions are thorough and easy to implement. We just wish we had started this years ago."

Request Information about Super Subscriber or Whole Enchilada

Russ VandenToorn, United Properties in Grand Rapids, MI

"We have been learning how to make more money in our management business from Robert Locke for several years. In one class he taught me strategies that made us an extra $100,000 the following year. His ideas are original, well advanced and have made us the leader that we are today in the West Michigan market."

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