Starter Kit for young property managers

1. Options For Connecting With Us
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2. Mutual Non-Disclosure

We both need to know that our conversations will be strictly confidential and not shared with others. This assurance should be more than a handshake so we’ve prepared an online Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that will commit us both to confidentiality. We need to be able to speak candidly and share secrets and documents without worrying about who else is going to hear about it. You can complete a PDF copy of it here.

3. Robert Locke's Bio

Robert is past president and board member of the Atlanta chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.  He received the Residential Management Professional (RMP) designation in 1998, his Master Property Manager (MPM) designation in 1999, and Crown received the Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC) designation in 2000.

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4. Monica Gilroy's Bio

Monica guided Robert through the challenges of traditional property management as well as investing strategies like wraparound mortgages, buying subject to the loan, land trusts and 1031 tax free exchanges. When threats of litigation arose at Crown Ms. Gilroy guided Roberts reactions and defenses, then helped him create documents, contract language and policies to prevent future threats of litigation. For 20 years Ms. Gilroy participated in training Crowns staff and mentored Roberts leadership team. Monica's strong knowledge of all aspects of real estate law had a strong influence on Roberts legal training.

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We have lots of products for young property managers. Some of our content is free. We also have a full Starter Kit available for those wishing to make the big leap. Take your time clicking around and sign up for our video series which come free to you inbox. We don't resell you information and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

  • Groups to Join
  • Video Library: Tips for young managers
  • Join a PM Franchise?
  • Where to find the best Docs?
  • 10 Biggest Mistakes PM make
  • Consider the Crown Franchise Alternative
  • Built to Grow
  • Balance of power; Laws that govern the business
  • PM Style
  • 4 Lease formats
  • Cashing in Videos
  • What's right and wrong with standard forms
  • Rules for forming a new company
  • Leasing and the Law
Elizabeth “Lisa” Gelber Concierge Property Management

As a start up Marc and I didn't know where to go or exactly what we needed to launch our new management business. Robert's Starter Kit for new managers gave us all we needed to market to owners, signup owners and tenants, collect rent and launch our company. His training and documents made this A LOT EASIER than we expected it to be and we feel fully prepared to handle anything that comes our way.

Guy Garner Raintree Property Management Glendale CA San Diego 2

Starting a new management company in California is a bigger challenge that I expected. Fortunately I ran into Robert at Crown Institute and found great help. Robert helped us shape his customized management agreement and lease to our laws so we come out of the gate with great documents. His documents and training videos are almost enough to to be a standalone solution but fortunately he's on the phone giving me the additional hands-on help I needed." I feel 25 years ahead of myself with his experience behind me." "Robert helped us build our new company in California to be scalable from day one. Structuring it right from the beginning makes life a lot easier and growth pains won't drag us down."

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