Cashing In on Property Management

How to Turn a Nickel-Dime Business Into a Money Machine

Most people understand that property management is a thin-margin, nickel-dime business and few get into it with intentions of getting rich. However, after 35 years of working at it, we’ve developed a system that, if developed properly, will absolutely gush money and put you into the position of selling out for a pretty penny.

Jason Cohen, Nexus Real Estate, Pittsburgh, PA.

"We've been operating for over 13 years (and currently manage 2,000 properties). I can't believe how much the information from Crown Investor Institute has helped our company. They have provided us numerous new ways to generate income. Robert makes this all really easy to implement."

Russ VandenToorn, United Properties in Grand Rapids, MI

"We have been learning how to make more money in our management business from Robert Locke for several years. In one class he taught me strategies that made us an extra $100,000 the following year. His ideas are original, well advanced and have made us the leader that we are today in the West Michigan market."

Matt Manaker, Charleston Home Rentals LLC, Charleston SC.

"When we started with our consulting arrangement with Robert we didn't quite know where it would go. Right off the block he introduced us to just ONE new revenue stream that will generate at least another $400,000 in the next five years. So, why didn't I do this earlier?"

What Do Crown Owner’s Think?

Sometimes viewers think all their owners will leave them if they make money on their properties or they won’t be competitive in the marketplace if they make big money. It’s not true. Here are some testimonials from owners that were with our management company (Crown Realty & Management) for 15, 20 and even 30 years.