CYA Documents

The property management business if full of legal hazards, much more than the sales business. I’ve been licensed for 43 years and sold thousands of house but never had any litigation doing it. I didn’t last 3 years in property management before I saw my first lawsuit.

To make things worse, there’s no training of this nature for managers getting into the business so we all have to learn it by experience which is expensive and painful.

After 35 years of managing for over 3,000 owners, and moving 10,000 tenants into our properties, we’ve been engaged once or twice in some lawsuit or threat of litigation. Fortunately we’ve had a really good attorney help us recover from these events and help us with language and documents to make sure it never happened again.

In these CYA document packages we’ve posted all the documents and contract language you need to keep folks from attacking you for stuff you didn’t cause. Some will protect you from tenants, some for owners, and some for staff and vendors. You can download one-document-at-a-time or packages by topic.

We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees creating these documents. You can download them for pennies on the dollar.

Remember … you’re only one lawsuit away from going out of business.

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