This page lists all the documents you will ever need signing up new tenants. There is a link to find materials for sale, and then under that is a download button for members. Contact us about full access membership. 

    I. Customized Lease Documents

1. The Residential Rental Agreement: a fully editable lease document that you will add your name to, make some adjustments for fees and percentages, add your brand and be up and running in minutes. You would pay an attorney several thousand dollars to get this document and you still wouldn’t have all the writer’s experience and all the money-making ideas.

2. Instructions to Adapt the Residential Rental Agreement to Your Company: instructions to Adapt the Residential Rental Agreement to Your Company Another document to help you fill in the right information so your final agreement says exactly what you want. This document identifies 22 blanks to fill in so you don’t miss anything in the agreement to adapt it to your model.

3. Residential Rental Agreement with Instructor’s Notes: a full document filled in with instructor training notes after every paragraph (14 pages long) addressing each issue in detail.

The three documents above are only sold within a package.

    C. Package # 3 Special (Ancillary) Documents

    II. Qualifying Guideline Documents

    A. Qualifying Guidelines Package