Power of Attorney


Often you’ll find yourself in a situation where ‘one of the owners wants you to deal with the other one’ and not be involved in any decisions. Or, you’ll be receiving orders from several owners and you’ll want to ‘reduce the confusion and designate one to do all the talking.’ Managing for two or three owners is often chaotic like kids listening to two parents who don’t agree. A power of attorney is the solution and they are easy to fill out. This is one our attorney crafted years ago just for owners to identify ‘who is doing the talking’ or ‘I’m traveling a lot, take orders from my brother.’ You don’t want to follow those instructions without a document protecting yourself if the designate does something stupid and makes a bad decision for the owner. When in doubt you’ll be blamed for listening to the wrong person and take the hit for the consequences. Get it in writing. Use a POA. They are simple to complete and will cover you when things go wrong.