Authorization to Add Agent as Additional Insured


Never manage a rental unless the owner/client adds your company name to their landlord policy as an additional insured. This is standard practice for the insurance companies and will do it at no cost to your client. When this authorization is signed by the owner you’ll send it to their insurance agent who will add you on the policy and send you a declaration page (Dec Page) evidencing your coverage. Don’t manage the property without it. Other managers understand this and so does the insurance carrier. It’s the owner that is new to this process. Don’t let the owner talk you out of it. E&O policies and General Liability policies for property managers often mandate that this is in place or your coverage is diminished (or voided). You’re not covered for property damage because you don’t own the property. You’re just covered for liability when someone is caught in a fire, falls off the deck or drowns in the tub. We’ve had all these things happen and the owner’s policy covered us instead of our GL policy. Make it clear to the owner that insurers understand this and will add you without cost.