Owner’s Mortgage Disclosure


One of the huge risks managers bare today is renting a property, move the family in, then watching as it goes into foreclosure and the tenant gets evicted by the lender. We’ve had it happen more than we’d like to admit. If you don’t protect yourself you will get sued by the tenant for violation of your promise of quiet enjoyment, unlawful dispossessory or constructive eviction. When the owner signs this document they are promising the mortgage is current; if it goes into foreclosure they will notify you immediately (not that it will help any), and (here is the big one) they will pay your attorney fees if you get sued by the tenant over the foreclosure issues. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “if the owner loses the home in a foreclosure they won’t have any money to defend you, so why go through the effort.” Wrong!!! Many landlords have great credit, own their own home, have good paying jobs and will still let their rentals go into foreclosure. Don’t think they are broke just because they let the rental go back to the bank. Having them defend you is good protection and they will sign this without question if they think they will not be foreclosed on. If they hesitate signing this you should be suspicious and do more research. Get this signed up front and protect yourself from the carnage of a foreclosure.