Personal Property Disclaimer


Owners love to leave personal property behind thinking it will still be there when they return. It seldom is and guess who they want to hold responsible for protecting and managing it? YOU of course. No matter what you say to them, they think you should be the guardian of their stuff, and see to it that it gets returned in good shape. Protect yourself. Take yourself off the hook in advance and make it clear ‘you’re not the manager of their personal property.’ For years we tried to accomplish this with a stip in the management agreement but it didn’t work. You need to draw their special attention to this Issue and this document accomplishes that. This document tells them to take their personal property out or don’t expect to see it ever again. They will leave stuff locked in a closet in the basement and expect you to manage it as well. They will expect you to manage the water leaks and mold on their stuff in their Owner’s Closet and blame you when the rodents find their way in. Make it clear you’ll list items they leave behind but they can’t hold you accountable when it turns up missing or broken.
Note: when the sheriff and his boys start tossing out the tenant’s stuff they seldom ask “is this yours, or the owners.” You need this document to protect yourself.