Things You Can’t Turn Over to Your Property Manager


Many owners think you are their asset Manager and should take care of everything that has anything to do with their property. You need to make it clear that there are things you can’t (and shouldn’t) take charge of including things like their mortgage, insurance, HOA, utilities, Home Warranties and more. Make it clear up front that you are the property manager and what that doesn’t include. You will eliminate confusion and improve communication if you make this clear before you take on their property. This document begins the process of limiting what the owner expects you to do for your fees. Owner’s love to ask you to manage their HOA’s, Home Warranties, Utilities and more. If you don’t begin this push-back ‘up front’ to put a limit on these requests or demands, you’ll fight with the owner on exactly what it is you do for the fees they pay. They love to ask, “what am I paying you for anyway” meaning ‘you should manage everything that remotely touches their property.’ This document begins that ‘limiting’ discussion. (This is a shorter version of the document posted above called Asset Manager vs Property Manager)