Upcoming Property Management Workshops

With Robert Locke RMP, MPM and Attorney Monica Gilroy

(Monica will be involved in some classes but not all)

May 17th

9:00-4:00 Tenancy

This is a comprehensive look at the Tenant Cycle that all property management companies experience in their businesses. From Procurement through Move out, this is an immersive examination of the details involved in the day to day administration of the tenants. Register HERE

August 16th

9:30-11:00 & 1:00-2:30 Building a Killer Management Agreement

After reading dozens of management agreements as a consultant I’ve figured out that although managers do this business very differently, there are common stipulations that belong in every property management agreement regardless of your management model or state regulations. Managers constantly add language that shouldn’t be there, language that complicates their processes, prevents them from being scalable and exposes them to unwanted litigation. Managers often copy and paste from other’s agreements without realizing they’re handcuffing themselves to archaic language that only hinders them from being profitable and scalable as a management company. Agents often adopt their realtor association standardized agreement and don’t realize the limitations of the language in those agreements. Others just keep adding more and more stipulations in hopes of managing through their document instead of giving themselves the freedom they need to maximize profits and protect themselves. This is about building a killer management agreement and is generic enough to fit every state and model. Register HERE

August 16th

11:30-1:15  The 10 Biggest Mistakes

Because I've done property management for 35 years, acquired 14 other management companies, and leased to 9,000 tenant I've naturally made more mistakes than anyone else in the business. I have also watched other managers cave in, shut their doors and lose their licenses over mistakes they could have easily avoided. So, I've come up with the top 10 biggest mistakes property managers make. So come learn from my mistakes instead of learning from your own. It's a lot less painful. Register HERE

Georgia Institute of Real Estate

(5784 Lake Forrest Dr NW, Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Board of Realtors)

August 21, August 28, September 5

3 days, 3 hr AM and 3 hr PM classes

18 hours of Continuing Education Credit

August 21

9:30-12:30 Leasing and the Law

This workshop is a must if you, as an agent, are doing leasing or if you as a broker are letting your agents do some leasing. We’ll address the laws that govern the leasing business and dismantle some of the myths about putting tenants in properties. This is NOT a property management class. It’s about licensees doing leasing.  Register HERE

1:30-4:30 An Overview of Property Management Processes

This course starts with an overview of the 10 processes of property management starting with marketing to owners, and ending with owner terminations; basically the entire process of listing, leasing and property managing (first hour). The next two hours we’re down-in-the-weeds. The second hour is spent just on signing up new owners. The last hour is dedicated to setting up the tenant properly starting with processing applications to scheduling and completing the move-in inspection.  Register HERE

August 28

9:30-12:30 Building a Property Management Infrastructure

This isn’t a ‘down in the weeds how to workshop’ but a big picture look at what the structure of property management looks like and what the building blocks of a management company are. We’ll look at the property management agreement and lease documents close and address things that should (and shouldn’t) be in those documents  Register HERE

1:30-4:30 Managing the Property After Move in

This workshop is down-in-the-weeds as we’ll address day-to-day-tasks of managing the tenant, the money, the property, the owner, the move out and termination of the property/owner.  Register HERE

September 5

9:30-12:30 Preventing Litigation in Property Management

This workshop will identify the five major points of litigation for managers as well as 10 smaller issues that often turn ugly. Knowing what’s likely to turn hostile will make managers more cautious, and better prepared, when navigating these treacherous waters.  Register HERE

1:30-4:30 Cashing in on Property Management

In this class we tackle how to turn a nickel-dime businesses into a money machine by generating revenue from residents, owners, and vendors without driving them away.  We’ll address the all-important issue of proper disclosures, complying with code of ethics, contractual issues, policy issues, and the challenge of implementing new fees and charges.  Register HERE

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