Owner’s Handbook

The purpose of this manual is to communicate the policies, procedures, and practices that dictate how we intend to manage your property. It will serve as your guide to our management practices. Properly used, this document will enhance communication between us and make our ongoing relationship stronger and more transparent. The Owner’s Handbook will be updated annually as we work to keep up with changes in the laws and economics that affect the property management business.

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome from the President
    2. Who We Are
      1. Company Byline … Exceeding Your Expectations
      2. Motto for Owners … No Surprises
      3. Mission Statement
      4. Core Values
      5. Code of Ethics
      6. Licenses and Affiliations
      7. Industry Designations
      8. Company Footprint
      9. Top 10 Reasons People Choose Crown
    3. Meet the Staff
    4. Communicating with Crown
    5. Technology We Use
      1. Web-Based Property Management Software
      2. Owner Portal
      3. Tenant Portal
      4. Web-Based Property Management Lifecycle
      5. Web-Based Phone System
      6. Web-Based Google Enterprises, Documents and Email
      7. Website
  2. The Management Agreement and Fees
    1. Procurement Fee
    2. Monthly Management Fee
    3. Renewal Fee
    4. Early Termination Fee
    5. Rehab Admin Premium
    6. Chas for Tasks Outside Our “Scope of Service”
  3. Housekeeping Documents
    1. Lead-Based Paint Laws
    2. Duties of the Owner and Manager
    3. Escrow Account Management
    4. Negative Owner Balances
    5. Landlord Insurance
    6. HOA Issues
    7. Amenity Passes, Gate and Pool Keys
    8. Personal Property
    9. Mortgage Disclosure
    10. Mold/Mildew Disclosure
    11. Property Features / Disclosure
    12. LLC, Land Trust and Corporate Affidavits
    13. Hot Tubs
    14. Owner’s W-9 Form
  4. Marketing Your Property
    1. Pre-Marketing
      1. Rent-Ready Issues
      2. Setting the Rent
    2. Lockboxes and Signs
    3. Utilities
    4. Keys
    5. Videos
    6. Marketing and Showing
    7. Owner Reports
  5. Screening Applicants
    1. Background Checks
    2. Application Contingencies and Owner Approval
    3. Negotiating the Lease
    4. Co-Signers
    5. Double/Triple Deposits
    6. 24-Month Leases
  6. Lease Document Preparation
  7. Managing the Move-In
    1. Re-Key Policy
    2. Utilities
    3. Uncompleted Repairs / Contingencies
    4. Moving in Before the Rent Starts
    5. Pre-Move-in Wipe Down
  8. Managing the Money
    1. Security Deposit Held in Escrow Account
    2. Collecting Rent
    3. Re-Keying
    4. NSF Rent Checks
    5. Sample Owner Statement
    6. Distributing the Money – “Fast Cash”
    7. Contractor Invoices
    8. Reporting to the IRS (1099’s)
    9. Anticipating Vacancy Expenses
  9. Managing Owner Relationships
    1. Authorization
    2. Renewing Agreements
    3. Foreclosures
  10. Managing the Property
    1. Managing Maintenance Issues
    2. Maintenance Priorities
    3. Maintenance Spending Limitations
    4. Minor Maintenance Issues
    5. Lawn Care
    6. Property Visits and Charges
    7. Emergency Maintenance Phone System
    8. Handling Your Own Maintenance
    9. Home and Builder Warranties
    10. Tenant vs. Owner (Manager) Responsibilities
    11. Regular Maintenance vs. Replacements, Renovations and Remodeling
    12. Georgia Law Regarding Maintenance
  11. Managing the Tenant
    1. 60-Day Auto Renewal
    2. Rent Increases
    3. Lease Renewal Process
    4. HOA Challenges
  12. Managing the Move-Out
    1. Before the Move-Out
    2. During the Move Out
    3. Photos and Videos
    4. Normal Wear and Tear
    5. After the Move-Out
    6. Disputes over Charges
    7. Disbursing the Security Deposit
    8. Interpleading the Escrow Funds
  13. Legal Pursuits
  14. When it’s Time to Sell
    1. Selling to the Tenant
    2. Lease Purchase
    3. List for Sale
    4. Short Sales
  15. Managing the Separation
    1. Separating in the Middle of a Tenancy
    2. Separating with Cause and without Cause
    3. Official Notice to Separate
  16. Other Services We Offer
    1. Education
    2. Title Holding
    3. Tax Free Exchange
    4. Refinancing
  17. Conclusion
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