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How to accelerate new owners into your company

A Video Series which expands the presentation by
Robert Locke MPM at the PM Grow Summit 2019

For most property managers the onboarding process is haphazard, by the seat-of-the-pants and thrown together without much forethought. New managers (and veterans alike) have so many things to figure out that a great onboarding process gets pushed to the back of the to-do list to “someday we’ll figure it out” and, in the meantime, they miss out on lots of new owners. This onboarding process needs to be a high priority because we all lose owners every month and need to grow our numbers. The question is, “what does a great onboarding process look like and how can I get there quickly?”

One of the things we did really well at Crown was bring new owners onboard. During our last 8 years in business we signed up 16 to 25 new owners a month and had a well oiled process to make this happen. We’ve put together a complete package of onboarding documents, processes and training (plus a full library of training videos) to help managers build this all important segment of their business. This video series is part of that package.

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This is the part of our site where all the products, resources, videos, forms, manuals, handbooks, customized management agreements and leases, money-making ideas, CYA protections, checklists, service animal/comfort pet training and all you’ll ever need to run a safe and profitable management business. This is the “Mother Load”.

It will take us six to twelve months to get it all posted, and we’ll keep posting more as time goes on, but there will be more than you can digest before the end of the year. I’ve been digging through our 35 years of document archives and there’s more than I thought.

If you register we’ll send you notices as we post things so you’ll know what’s there and where to look for it.

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