NARPM Atlanta January Meeting and Luncheon John Bradford Managing Pet Risk Training Property Managers

This presentation offers insight into the business risks associated with household pets as well as service/companion animals. The presentation covers federal guidelines from HUD, ADA, HIPAA and more. 

Some of the questions that will be answered are:

John Bradford

  • What are the risks with renting to tenants with pets?
  • How can you mitigate pet risk(s)?
  • What is a service animal (ADA)?
  • What is an assistance animal HUD)?
  • What are the different types of assistance animals?
  • How do you know fact from fiction with assistance animal applications?
  • Are you violating HIPPA and don't even know it?
  • How can I drive more bottom-line revenue with pets?

Double Tree by Hilton
1075 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Roswell, GA 30076

Luncheon Pricing: $35  **Lunch is Non-Refundable

Luncheon Time: 12:00AM- 1:45 PM- Luncheon
For more information, contact Ashleigh Moon at

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