Cashing in with Owners

On this page we begin to lay out the revenue streams you can generate while serving your owners.

This isn’t about charging your owner's bigger fees as much as it is about unbundling your services; clearly defining your scope of service; offering special programs (outside your scope of service) that they can choose to participate in; putting a fee on nuisance requests; charging for asset management services and for managing the owner’s third-party relationships. Increasing your management fees may drive owners away and you must avoid that at all cost. Clarifying your scope of services and expanding the services you offer, allows you to generate more revenue without driving your owner’s away.

Remember, someday you’ll want to sell your business. Buyers evaluate ‘the revenue of a business more than its expenses and profit.’ These ideas will allow you to take more out of your business today and show a future buyer that your company can generate serious revenue, boosting the sale value of your company. It’s the revenues you generate they are most interested in.

The fees described on this page made Crown hundreds of thousands of dollars (actually several million but who’s counting) over the past five years and just one idea generated $100,000 in the last two years.

We are presenting this material in several different formats so students can choose their favorite method of discovery, downloading and implementation. We offer multiple training videos, simple lists and lots of details when needed for implementation.

Later on this page we offer training and documents on each revenue generating idea explaining how it works and provide the language and form’s to get it  implemented in your system.

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This is the part of our site where all the products, resources, videos, forms, manuals, handbooks, customized management agreements and leases, money-making ideas, CYA protections, checklists, service animal/comfort pet training and all you’ll ever need to run a safe and profitable management business. This is the “Mother Load”.

It will take us six to twelve months to get it all posted, and we’ll keep posting more as time goes on, but there will be more than you can digest before the end of the year. I’ve been digging through our 35 years of document archives and there’s more than I thought.

If you register we’ll send you notices as we post things so you’ll know what’s there and where to look for it.

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