The Myths of Property Management Subscription

There are lots of things property managers THINK ARE TRUE, but when examined carefully, are really MYTHS. If you are signed up, then you will receive a series of weekly training videos which Dismantles The Myths Of Property Management. These are ideas which we should examine more carefully, because believing them has real negative consequences. If…

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All About Pets – Online Training

The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice has connected a tenant’s right to own pets with the rights protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. While congress has connected these rights to the ADA, congress has not defined the limits of those liberties and rights. Congress has deferred the full scope of interpretation to…

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When Agency Duties and the Law Collide Online Course

Sales agents never make decisions for their clients. They are practicing ‘Small a Agency.’ Property managers make lots of decisions for their owners but must also follow the many laws that govern the landlord- tenant relationship. Property managers practice what’s called ‘Big A Agency.’ Often the laws, and our agency relationship with the owner, are…

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Policies and Procedures for Managing Litigation (NARPM Orlando 2017)

Property Management is the least paying job within the real estate industry, but the job where you are most likely to get sued. Even lawyers stay clear of our industry because there is so much work for them with so little reward. Robert Locke in Orlando offered the national NARPM conference a proven set of…

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Your Guide for Developing a Customized PMA & Lease

Having a customized management agreement is the key to being scalable and profitable. You’ll never get there using a one-size-fits-all document drafted by someone else. And even though we sell the most celebrated management agreement in the marketplace, it was drafted for us, not you. It’s time for you to put your company and profits…

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What’s Wrong with Standard Form Management Agreements

For the first 10 years of our management business we adopted our state association standardized forms. After 10 years of trying to fit our model into their model we gave up and with the help of a great lawyer developed customized agreements that matched perfectly how we wanted to manage. This conversation IS NOT a…

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