When Agency Duties and the Law Collide Online Course

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Sales agents never make decisions for their clients. They are practicing ‘Small a Agency.’ Property managers make lots of decisions for their owners but must also follow the many laws that govern the landlord- tenant relationship. Property managers practice what’s called ‘Big A Agency.’ Often the laws, and our agency relationship with the owner, are in stark contrast and managers have to say tell their clients no or that have no choice and must. Owners are not accustomed to their real estate agents telling them they must, or they can’t, so agency duties often collide with the law. We’ll examine some of these situations and help managers sort out when to insist, when to cave in and do what the owner wants, and when to terminate the owner to protect their license and business.

There are no prerequisites or required materials for this online course. We strongly counsel that your company use a customized Management Agreement and a customized Lease Agreement as the foundation of your legal strategy.

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