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Most people stepping into the world of leasing (or property management) have a real estate license and by default think they can do leasing. After all, how tough can it be? This workshop begins with exposing to licensees just how hard it is to make the shift from sales to leasing and describes why sales brokers historically dislike the idea of having their agents involve themselves in leasing. We’ll start with the many laws that govern leasing that agents didn’t have to study in preparing for their sales careers. These laws are A MUST for agents stepping into the leasing business. Having a license (and a document) DOES NOT qualify you to do leasing even though your real estate commissioner may allow it. Most sales brokers know this instinctively. This is NOT a property management class. It’s about licensees doing leasing.

As basic training for leasing agents and property managers
this is the first in a series of six workshops we’ve been teaching for the past 10 years.

Sponsor: Athens Board of Realtors with 80 students attending.

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There are PowerPoint Slides and a Class Handout available. The PowerPoint Slides are available inside Leasing and the Law Video #1 after purchase. The Handout is free below.

Leasing and the Law (Student Handout)