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Onboarding on Purpose Video Series by Robert Locke MPM Training Property Managers
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For most property managers the onboarding process is haphazard, by the seat-of-the-pants and thrown together without much forethought. New managers (and veterans alike) have so many things to figure out that a great onboarding process gets pushed to the back of the to-do list to “someday we’ll figure it out” and, in the meantime, they miss out on lots of new owners. This onboarding process needs to be a high priority because we all lose owners every month and need to grow our numbers. The question is, “what does a great onboarding process look like and how can I get there quickly?”

One of the things we did really well at Crown was bring new owners onboard. During our last 8 years in business we signed up 16 to 25 new owners a month and had a well oiled process to make this happen. We’ve put together a complete package of onboarding documents, processes and training (plus a full library of training videos) to help managers build this all important segment of their business. This video series is part of that package.

An expansion of a presentation made at the PM Grow Summit 2019

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