Building a Property Management Infrastructure

Building a Property Management Infrastructure
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Here we examine the six building blocks of property management. Surprisingly, every property manager does the same thing, in the same sequence, no matter what part of the country they practice. Everyone does it a little differently but the processes are the same nationwide. This workshop examines the six major building blocks of the management business. We’ll examine the manager's Scope of Service, Model, Management Style, and build a Tenant Handbook, Owner's Handbook and define their company's Job Description. If you want to build a smooth-running profitable management company you must start with these critical building blocks.

Every management company needs an infrastructure but no one tells us what that looks like. The foundation, cornerstones, building blocks and operational issues become clear after you’re in the business 10 years but it’s helpful to know what it looks like from the start. This isn’t a “down in the weeds” how-to workshop but a big picture look at what the structure of property management looks like and what the building blocks of a management company are.

As basic training for leasing agents and property managers
this is the THIRD in a series of six workshops we’ve been teaching for the past 10 years.

Sponsor: Athens Board of Realtors with 80 students attending.

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