Training for new Credhub Customers

Because we have 30 years in this space we have lots of tips and tricks for new users of this tool. There’s no reason to invent the wheel and struggle through learning curves we’ve already been through. Here are some documents and short training videos for those coming into this space to help you implement this new service.

We’ve separated the training into two sections.

1. Things to think about DURING THE ENROLLMENT PROCESS.

Videos for Help During Enrollment 

1. Signing Up Isn't Easy

2. You Select the Plan

3. When You Pull the Data

4. Your Control Points

Videos for Help Implementing

1. Coming soon
2. Coming soon
3. Coming soon
4. Coming soon

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Documents to help you implement 

1. What to get the tenant to sign

2. Your cover letter to current tenants to encourage them to enroll.

3. Dialogue for selling to your new tenants

4. What to do if tenant pushes back on the Credit reporting.

5. See how manager Pamela Greene introduced CredHub to her current residents.

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