New Credit Reporting Rules Affects All Property Managers

Millions of consumers will wake up to a higher credit score this month, (as much as a 10 to 40 points improvement) through no fault of their own. Beginning in July, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion will no longer report public records on most civil judgments, such as evictions, money owed because of a lawsuit as…

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Things You Need to Succeed in 2017 by Brian Birdy (NARPM Savannah Conference)

Brian Birdy is a national trainer with NARPM, a frequent speaker at local, state and national property management conferences, holds the CPM, RMP and MPM designation, is Vice President of Property Management, Inc and an instructor extraordinaire. During his workshop in Savannah, Georgia June 2017 we took notes and got his permission to post them…

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Late Fee Coupon

For 35 years we expected rent by the 1st, and charged a full late fee on the 2nd. Tenants didn’t mind that harsh policy because we offered them an annual get out of jail free card called a Late Fee Coupon. Watch the video to learn more. After watching the video, fill out the form to receive a free copy of the coupon we produced and used for years. We provide a PDF and an Excel copy so that you can reproduce it for your own use.

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How We Raised Our BBB Report From a C- to an A+

Video Explains How to Earn a Top Rating at BBB We can help your company get the public praise you deserve, despite the negative comments and experience of a few unhappy owners or tenants. This video expalins how we did it. Get the Non-Disparaging Agreement as a Word DOC First Name:* Last Name:* Email Address:*…

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Consumer Housing Trends from 2016 (Zillow Group Reports)

According to Zillow Group, 56% of all rental applications are from people in the Millennial generation, and they use their mobile device 76% of the time. Whoah! Read the report yourself and learn what you need to know for market success. Download the Zillow Group Insights from 2016 in PDF View Our Expanding Product Page This…

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