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Managing Pet Risk with John Bradford of Pet Screening at NARPM Luncheon in Atlanta January 18th 2018

Managing Pet Risk with John Bradford January 18th, 2018 in Roswell @ NARPM Luncheon Subscribe $27.00 Add to cart Pet Exhibit $15.00 $12.00 Add to cart Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA $0.00 Add to cart 15 Fair Housing Questions and Answers About Assistive Animals $0.00 Add to cart What Landlords Must Know about Service Animals $0.00 Add to cart Register as a Property Manager at “When…

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Prepare to Adjust Rents Up in 2018

There is still plenty of snow blanketing a wide swath of the nation’s neighborhoods, but the spring housing market is just around the corner. This year, it will be more competitive than ever, with the supply of homes for sale at record lows and rising mortgage rates threatening to make the situation even worse. President’s Day is considered the start of the busiest season for housing, with big builders touting…

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NARPM Managing Pet Risk January 18th 11:30-1:15 Roswell, GA with John Bradford

This presentation offers insight into the business risks associated with household pets as well as service/companion animals. The presentation covers federal guidelines from HUD, ADA, HIPAA and more.
Some of the questions that will be answered are: What are the risks with renting to tenants with pets? How can you mitigate pet risk(s)? What is a service animal (ADA)? What is an assistance animal HUD)? What are the different types of assistance animals? How do you know fact from fiction with assistance animal applications? Are you violating HIPPA and don’t even know it? How can I drive more bottom-line revenue with pets?

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How the Republican Tax Overhaul Benefits Landlords

How the Republican Tax Overhaul Benefits Landlords Investors in single-family rental homes see the proposal as a potential boon to business. Just the prospect of the plan, which is still being negotiated on Capitol Hill, has more small investors rushing in. Unlike owner-occupants, investors in single-family homes can write off all the expenses of owning and running a rental because the properties are considered a business. The vast majority of…

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Georgia EPD Summary on Renovation Repair Painting (RRP) Rule

Lead-Based Paint Georgia’s Lead-Based Paint Program, located in the Land Protection Branch of the Environmental Protection Division, is responsible for protecting human health and the environment from activities that disturb lead-based paint. Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Georgia’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rules became effective Dec. 9, 2010. Georgia’s RRP rules parallel the federal RRP requirements, which are designed to minimize the spread of lead dust and…

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Orlando Conference 2017

Orlando Conference 2017 When we teach a workshop on any topic we like to provide materials to help students implement some of the ideas shared in the class. This page was specially created for the students that attend our Orlando Conference workshop. We will provided the things we discuss in class along with some training videos and material that you and your staff may also wish to consider.   Fill out the…

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Online Reviews Are No Longer a Victimless Crime: Jury Finds Online Reviewer Defamed Atlanta Home Builder

When homebuilder Richard S. Jacobs spotted an unflattering online review of his metro Atlanta home-building firm, he first tried to have it removed, according to Gwinnett County court papers. After Kudzu.com, an online review site owned by Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises, rebuffed him and refused to reveal the identity of the anonymous reviewer, Jacobs began sleuthing online for his critic. He found her by tracking the handle she used in her…

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Landlord Tenant Law and Standard Forms by State

State Landlord Tenant Law Alabama Click to View Alabama Landlord Tenant Law Alaska Click to View Alaska Landlord Tenant Law Arizona Click to View Arizona Landlord Tenant Law Arkansas Click to View Arkansas Landlord Tenant Law California Click to View California Landlord Tenant Law Colorado Click to View Colorado Landlord Tenant Law Connecticut Click to View Connecticut Landlord Tenant Law Delaware Click to View Delaware Landlord Tenant Law Florida Click…

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Confusing ‘Comfort Animal’ Laws Lead to a Three Year Landlord verses the Tenant Legal Battle

Diana Alton’s living room table is stacked high with Santa Claus figurines and other Christmas decorations, but until about three years ago the holidays were no cause for her to celebrate. That’s when her doctor told her to get a dog for emotional support. Alton, 65, still can’t work, but Scrappee Anne, her miniature schnauzer, makes it possible for her to socialize and cope with the anxieties of clinical depression…

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How to Avoid Document Creep

This Month’s Training: Question: How Do You Avoid Document Creep? Managers too often make the mistake of loading up so much junk in their PMA’s they end up with a 10 page document (with type size 8 to make it all fit). Prospective owner’s croak on the overload. Our PMA has been 5 pages for the last 25 years. Here’s how we do it. View Our Customized Property Management Agreement Login…

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Things You Need to Succeed in 2017 by Brian Birdy (NARPM Savannah Conference)

Brian Birdy is a national trainer with NARPM, a frequent speaker at local, state and national property management conferences, holds the CPM, RMP and MPM designation, is Vice President of Property Management, Inc and an instructor extraordinaire. During his workshop in Savannah, Georgia June 2017 we took notes and got his permission to post them here for those who missed his very worthwhile presentation. Below are the notes we personally…

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Late Fee Coupon

For 35 years we expected rent by the 1st, and charged a full late fee on the 2nd. Tenants didn’t mind that harsh policy because we offered them an annual get out of jail free card called a Late Fee Coupon. Watch the video to learn more. After watching the video, fill out the form to receive a free copy of the coupon we produced and used for years. We provide a PDF and an Excel copy so that you can reproduce it for your own use.

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How We Raised Our BBB Report From a C- to an A+

Video Explains How to Earn a Top Rating at BBB We can help your company get the public praise you deserve, despite the negative comments and experience of a few unhappy owners or tenants. This video expalins how we did it. Get the Non-Disparaging Agreement as a Word DOC First Name:* Last Name:* Email Address:* Phone (optional) NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This iframe…

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New Credit Reporting Rules Affects All Property Managers

Millions of consumers will wake up to a higher credit score this month, (as much as a 10 to 40 points improvement) through no fault of their own. Beginning in July, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion will no longer report public records on most civil judgments, such as evictions, money owed because of a lawsuit as well as many unpaid state and federal tax liens. PROPERTY MANAGERS AND RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS WILL…

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Savannah Conference 2017

  Savannah Conference 2017 When we teach a workshop on any topic we like to provide materials to help students implement some of the ideas shared in the class. This page was specially created for the students that attended our Savannah Conference workshop called Things You NEVER Put in Your PMA or Lease. We’ve provided the Owner Disclosure we mentioned in class along with some training videos and material that…

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Consumer Housing Trends from 2016 (Zillow Group Reports)

According to Zillow Group, 56% of all rental applications are from people in the Millennial generation, and they use their mobile device 76% of the time. Whoah! Read the report yourself and learn what you need to know for market success. Download the Zillow Group Insights from 2016 in PDF View Our Expanding Product Page This is the part of our site where all the products, resources, videos, forms, manuals, handbooks,…

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HUD Charges Atlanta Condo Association and Real Estate Agent with Discrimination for Refusing to Sell to Families with Children

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today announced that it is charging an Atlanta condominium association, a local real estate company, and its agent with housing discrimination for refusing to sell to families with children. HUD’s charge of violating the Fair Housing Act is against Georgian Manor Condominium Association, Inc., HN Real Estate Group, Jennifer Sherrouse, and the Estate of Jean Branch. The Fair Housing Act prohibits a…

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Why Listen to Robert Locke MPM, RPM

View Our Expanding Line of Products This is the part of our site where all the products, resources, videos, forms, manuals, handbooks, customized management agreements and leases, money-making ideas, CYA protections, checklists, service animal/comfort pet training and all you’ll ever need to run a safe and profitable management business. This is the “Mother Load”. It will take us six to twelve months to get it all posted, and we’ll keep posting more as…

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