Managing Litigation Lesson # 4

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Managing the Lawsuit

If lawsuits intimidate you, then immediately contact your E&O company. If you are comfortable managing the litigation, then contact YOUR attorney and follow these seven steps.

1. Meet with YOUR lawyer. 2. Notify the owner, but suggest it is a small thing and tell them a lawyer is already on top of it. Don't let the owner pick the lawyer. 3. Connect the owner with YOUR lawyer and offer to cover the costs for their first conversation. 4. Let YOUR lawyer respond to the legal action. 5. Notify the E&O company and connect them to YOUR lawyer. 6. Provide the attorney a timeline, notes to the file, emails, texts and all letters in chronological order highlighting key issues. 7. End ALL conversations with the opposing party.

Strategies for Settling a Lawsuit.

1. Fight to the end is a strategy. 2. Fight and settle. Write a check. Wave the fees. 90% of the cases fit in this category. 3. Run up THEIR attorney's fees. 4. Drag it out.