Customized Management Agreement

Having a customized management agreement is the key to being scalable and profitable. You’ll never get there using a one-size-fits-all document drafted by someone else.

We used our state association standardized documents for 10 years and after starting our 3rd page of special stips (trying to address things missed in the standard agreement) we caved in, met with a great attorney and crafted an agreement that fit exactly how we wanted to do property management.

The good news is .. You Don’t Have To Hire Attorney and go through all that.  

Because our agreement has been tweaked, revised and perfected for 25 years, and tested in the Georgia State, Appellate and Georgia Court Of Appeals, you can adopt ours, make the appropriate modifications to fit YOUR model,  and have exactly what you need.   

You must make the shift to a Customized Management Agreement as soon as you can.

Now, you have to start somewhere, and because we did property management really well for 35 years, avoiding all fair housing claims, had a pittance of litigation, made a ton of money and sold out to a Fortune 500 Company, our agreement would be a great way to get started, but you won’t manage exactly as we did and therefore shouldn’t use our agreement exactly as it is.

Our strategy is to provide you with a format to CREATE YOUR OWN AGREEMENT using ours as a starting point and YOUR PERSONAL MODEL for the customization. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to adapt our agreement to your model. We’ll make it really easy, help you through decisions and you’ll end up with a killer agreement, highly profitable, saying exactly what you want it to say, and fitting your model exactly the way your model works. It will make your life so much easier and you’ll regret forever that you didn’t make the shift earlier. (We’ve posted many happy users/customers testimonies on this page who have adopted our forms).

Two final thoughts

Before you get started there are a couple of decisions you’ll need to make in the customizing process and the training videos we posted on this page will help shape those decisions. These videos are necessary to establish a framework for customizing your agreement.

Lastly, you’re not alone in this. We’ve added plenty of instructions and training notes in our material and we will personally help you through the process. So, read through the material, watch the videos and do yourself a big favor … Begin creating your own, customized management agreement today. Trust me, you’ll never regret it and you’ll never look back.

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Before you begin considering a customized management agreement you might want to review these training videos if you haven't already watched them.