Ongoing Consulting

$250.00 / month

Several of our clients have asked, how can we keep a relationship with Robert and Training Property Managers after a 12 month consulting experience?

In response we’ve developed a continuation program. During this time we can cover any topic and still implement new revenue steams as requested.

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Consulting Services

Managers across the country have asked us about a consulting relationship where we lean into their business one-on-one, help them turn on the revenues and consider new documents, CYA training and generally help take their company to the next level. We’ve developed several options for this kind of relationship and they are laid out below. They differ in that some include one call a month, others include two calls a month (which include calls with attorney Monica Gilory), some include document packages and some don’t. Some have a minimum number of months while others have no minimum.


Become part of our Property Management Coaching program that will give you access to our staff for crisis issues, schedule phone time monthly with Robert, special downloads and subscriber status so you can get special access and discounts on our site. The scheduled phone conversations will be driven by YOUR AGENDA not ours. Complete the contact form on the right to initiate a conversation about the best property management coaching program in the country. Click to View

Consulting without Documents

Some clients already use our documents (or are downloading them as they go along) and want us to help them implement new strategies, revenue streams and document packages. We’ve created a Consulting Agreement for $500 a month that does not include document downloads for these clients and the agreement looks like this (click)

If you have an interest in this program complete the questionnaire on the right of this page and we’ll reach out for a conversation. This can be started and stopped at any time as there is NO REQUIRED TERM. You end it when you feel the cost exceeds the value you’re getting out of the relationship. This is a take it a step at a time model and not a long-term commitment.

Full Consulting with Document Packages Combined

Many managers prefer the big document packages PLUS the full consulting program together. This full consulting with document packages includes all the primary document packages, the video libraries that come with them and monthly consulting meetings with our staff and attorney Monica Gilroy. It’s the most comprehensive package we offer and will literally take your company to the next level. Document packages are delivered throughout the term as we attack the topic. The cost is $1,000 a month, goes for a minimum of 6 months (half our clients on this program have continued beyond the 6 month minimum), and includes $5,500 worth of document packages. Over 60 clients have engaged with this program in the past two years and many have stayed in it well beyond 6 months. Many of their testimonies are on these pages. Some are willing to talk with you about their experience with this program. View the full description

To initiate a conversation about this package complete the questionnaire on the right and we will reach out and answer any questions.   

The Motherload (Everything on our Site)

Some clients want all the documents, video libraries, forms, checklists, revenue streams, handbooks and training today and can download it all under this Crown NON-FRANCHISE OPTION. Many have asked us how to get it all and we’ve accommodated (or at least what we have on the site today and what we add to the site over the next 5 years. It’s kind of like a franchise (but without the big up front costs and 6% of your revenue for 10 years) BUT BETTER. We’ve developed our documents and training for 20 years and they are proven successful by our management company (which we sold out to a fortune 500 company). View the Mother Load

To initiate a conversation about this package complete the questionnaire on the right and we will reach out and answer any questions.   

Document Assessment

Want to start small? Here’s an option. We offer a document assessment program for your current property management agreement and/or lease. For a small price we’ll review your documents, provide an assessment and invest an hour by phone making suggestions on how to improve. We’ve done this over 100 times for managers in 24 states and can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in the documents. View more

Revenue Sharing

Property managers often have difficulty implementing some of the money-generating ideas we espouse in our training. Some are harder than others to put in place. Some ideas work great in one model, but not so well in others.

Our offer is this: instead of paying us a fee for a money-generating idea, we’ll give it to you, help you implement it in your operation and share in the success (or failure) of the idea in your model. We’ll help you get it up and running and share in the revenue until we’ve been properly compensated, then it’s all yours.

Some of these ideas will make you money the first month, while others take some time to bare fruit. If we are under a revenue-sharing agreement we wait along with you and share the risk and reward.

We’ve posted several testimonies on this page of students who have embraced our revenue-sharing ideas and can’t believe how much it is making them. Every month you put this off can cost you thousands of dollars.

Contact us today using the questionnaire on the right side of this page AND complete a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement found at the top of this section.

Options For Connecting With Us
Our site allows you to connect with us in seven different ways.
  • You can register by simply giving us your name and email. There’s no cost and 30% to 40% of the videos and training material will be available to you.
  • As a Subscriber that number changes to 75% to 80%. The cost is $27.00 a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Mutual Non-Disclosure

We both need to know that our conversations will be strictly confidential and not shared with others. This assurance should be more than a handshake so we’ve prepared a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement that will commit us both to confidentiality. We need to be able to speak candidly and share secrets and documents without worrying about who else is going to hear about it. You can complete a copy of it here.

Robert Locke's Bio

Robert is past president and board member of the Atlanta chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.  He received the Residential Management Professional (RMP) designation in 1998, his Master Property Manager (MPM) designation in 1999, and Crown received the Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC) designation in 2000.

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Monica Gilroy's Bio

Monica guided Robert through the challenges of traditional property management as well as investing strategies like wraparound mortgages, buying subject to the loan, land trusts and 1031 tax free exchanges. When threats of litigation arose at Crown Ms. Gilroy guided Roberts reactions and defenses, then helped him create documents, contract language and policies to prevent future threats of litigation. For 20 years Ms. Gilroy participated in training Crowns staff and mentored Roberts leadership team. Monica's strong knowledge of all aspects of real estate law had a strong influence on Roberts legal training.

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Jason Yoss GoldenWest Training Property Manager Client Testimony

Jayson Yoss, President GoldenWest,
Las Vegas-Phoenix-San Diego

With almost 1400 units under management we completely embraced Robert's unbundling strategy (in his PMA agreement) and IT CHANGED EVERYTHING. My staff has estimated that we will collect an ADDITIONAL $650,000 in gross revenue this year from the ideas he shared . . . just in his PMA. We call it PURE ROBERT LOCKE CASH!

Owner/Company/Model Questionnaire

Time is precious for both of us. If you’ll take the time to complete this questionnaire we’ll save a lot of time in our initial conversation. The more we know about you, your company and your model the less time we’ll spend getting basic information. Please take the time to answer these questions to jump-start our conversation.

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