Preventing Litigation in Property Management

To say “property management is full of conflict, and often litigious,” would be the understatement of the century. To avoid lawsuits you need to know Where They Most Often Come From and Prepare Yourself in advance to Deflect and Manage Them before they become a full-blown lawsuit.

The material on this page is an accumulation of the videos, documents, document packages, forms, and contract language you need to reduce and eliminate the oncoming litigation that property management will throw at you.

Preventing Litigation starts with Good Documents owners and tenants execute Before You Do Business With Them, Language In Your Agreements that will protect you when they do file a claim, Policies and Checklists you’ll use to manage the conflict and a thorough understand of the specific events that cause the most litigation.

In the following videos and documents we’ll address foreclosures HOA battles, move-out inspection disputes, mold claims, wrongful dispossessed, personal property disputes, constructive eviction, “They trashed my house and I blame you”, disbursing to the wrong owner, rodents and more. This is about Managing High-Risk Issues for property managers and how to prevent them from biting you. .
These document packages are the result of a joint venture with the Atlanta law firm of Gilroy Bailey Trumble LLC and are designed for training purposes only. Please CONSULT WITH YOUR ATTORNEY before using as every situation is different and no one standard form covers every event.