Limiting Litigation by Understanding the Balance of Power in Property Management Agreements

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Have you ever wondered why the tenant usually wins when standing before a judge? Why has our federal government set specific laws to protect tenants and not the owners? Why do judges side with the tenant when they are often the ones who caused the damage? Why do owners throw property managers under the bus when in the courtroom?

There is a specific reason why the property manager has a disadvantage when entering the courtroom and, if we understand the primary reason, we can protect ourselves with better policies and CYA language in our agreements and documents.

This set of lessons are an online class we offer within the Primary Truths category. Property managers should be able to explain the issues relevant to this topic to help diminish the risks which are inherent in this uneven balance of power between the tenant, owner and property manager.

There are no prerequisites or required materials for this online course. We have documents for running your business which safeguard your business with these risks in mind. Many of those documents are in the CYA packages. We also would strongly counsel that your company use a customized Management Agreement and a customized Lease Agreement as the foundation of your legal strategy.

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