Onboarding Video Library Sample Page

These videos are available for purchase here. Below are only images of the ten videos in the series.

Training Property Managers Sample Image
Onboarding Videos 01 Two Onboarding Realities
Onboarding Videos 03 Communicate that you can guide them to success
Onboarding Videos 05 Research the Owner
Onboarding Video 07 Close on the PMA then get to Housekeeping documents
Onboarding Video 09 Lease the Property and report to the owner
Onboarding Videos 02 Onboarding Starts with the first call and ends 90 days after move in
Onboarding Videos 04 Stop answering the question what are your fees
Onboarding Video 06 Rules for the Presentation
Onboarding Video 08 Guarantees people always love guarantees
Onboarding Video 10 Drip Documents reminding of things the owner can not turn over to the manager

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