Dismantling the MYTHS of Property Management

There are lots of things managers THINK ARE TRUE about property management but, when examined carefully, are only MYTHS. This series of training videos is FREE and over 1,200 managers have subscribed to date. This page is where you can sign up to receive a series of weekly training videos (7 to 8 minutes long) which Dismantle The Myths Of Property Management. The focus of this series is to help managers make more money and create stronger body armor for their companies. These are ideas you should examine carefully because believing them has real consequences.

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Myth Video Examples2

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Myth # 33: Property managers don't deserve a BIG renewal fee RIGHT?

Question: Since we don't really do anything to renew a lease, where is the justification for a BIG renewal fee?

Myth # 17: I should require Renters Insurance for every tenant. RIGHT?

Question: Is it really worth requiring every tenant to have renters insurance?

Myth # 20: If I follow my client’s directive (follow agency law) I am not liable for their bad decisions. RIGHT?

Question: As the owner's agent, If I do what I’m told, follow the owners directives, and I’m safe. Right?

Question: Under what conditions can I be held liable for following the owner’s bad decisions?

Myth # 21: The rent start date and the move in date MUST be the same! RIGHT?

Question: If the tenant moves in early, should you prorate the rent?