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Jason Yoss GoldenWest Training Property Manager Client Testimony

Jayson Yoss, Pres- GoldenWest,
Las Vegas-Phoenix-San Diego

With almost 1400 units under management we completely embraced Robert's unbundling strategy (in his PMA agreement) and IT CHANGED EVERYTHING. My staff has estimated that we will collect an ADDITIONAL $650,000.00 in gross revenue this year from the ideas he shared . . . just in his PMA. We call it PURE ROBERT LOCKE CASH! The revenue started flowing in almost immediately.

Matt Manaker, Charleston Home Rentals LLC, Charleston SC.

When we started with our consulting arrangement with Robert we didn't quite know where it would go. Right off the block he introduced us to just ONE new revenue stream that will generate at least another $400,000.00 in the next five years. Revenue per property has grown significantly and every month Robert introduces us to another revenue stream. We're stronger, more efficient and a lot more profitable. So, why didn't I do this earlier?

Stowers Real Estate, Stowers Real Estate, Danville, CA

As a California manager (with only 155 properties) I've watch several of Robert’s videos on TURNING ON MORE REVENUE and learned a lot. Our company’s future is much brighter after becoming a consulting client and adopting his documents and systems. I'm blown away that a Georgia manager can be such a big help to us Californians.

Our income will increase by $90,000 in 2019 (over 2018) just from One Revenue Sharing idea. I guess making money is not a state specific issue.

Russ VandenToorn, United Properties in Grand Rapids, MI

We have been learning how to make more money in our management business from Robert Locke for several years. In one class he taught me strategies that made us an extra $100,000.00 the following year. His ideas are original, well advanced and have made us the leader that we are today in the West Michigan market. Click to LISTEN to his testimony!

Cam McCaa Owner Broker Atlanta Intown Property Management

Cam McCaa Owner Broker
Atlanta Intown Property Management

I’ve worked with Crown and used their documents ever since I started managing in 2010. I’ve embraced their Revenue Sharing programs and they’ve made me 10’s of thousands of dollars. I’m thrilled paying Crown some big money for their ideas, as long as they work for my model, and they certainly have.