Body Armor Lesson # 2

How to limit the legal vulnerability of your company

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Robert and Monica outline the strategies to operate safely in the highly litigious business of property management. This fast pace workshop was debuted at the Broker/Owner conference in Vegas in 2019 and got raving reviews. We laid out the two ways you can do property management without getting sued. We laid out how one manager plays the small “a” agency role and plays it safe, while the other plays the Big “A” role and also does it safely. Each is safe but one is scalable and profitable and the other isn’t. We address the language you need in your PMA to protect yourself and the special documents that give you the Body Armor you need to prevent litigation.

This series is The Full Version of that 50 minute breakout session. In this series we’ll send you several months of weekly (6 to 10 minute) videos that details the language and documents that you need to operate safely in this business and be both scalable and profitable.