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Several clients have asked us to evaluate their current management agreement (and/or Lease) and give them an assessment of its viability (scalability, profitability and safety) so we developed a Document Assessment Program where we take your agreement(s), evaluate it and send you a Report of Findings. (We actually mark up your document like your teacher in high school did and return it for our conversation.) This service comes with an hour of one-on-one consulting time to discuss what we found and make suggestions as to what you might do to tweak or revise your document. The cost is $200 for each document (total $400 for both) and we need a week to do the assessment. You pay $200 now and the balance when we’re done (if you send us both documents). Simply hit the shopping cart, make the $200 payment and scan us the document(s) you want us to evaluate. You’ll get further instructions by email after this payment is received. The cost is $200 and we need a week to do the assessment.



Consider investing in our highly recommended documents

The documents on this site are the result of a 20 year collaboration between national trainer Robert Locke RMP, MPM and trial attorney Monica Gilroy as Crown Management navigated its way through the legal challenges of managing rentals in Atlanta. Monica’s expertise in real estate litigation (especially landlord/tenant and fair housing disputes) uniquely equipped her to write great PMA’s that managers have been downloading and embracing for years. Over 100 managers (in 17 states) now use these documents and benefit from the experience of Robert and Monica.

The management agreement is the cornerstone of your business as it establishes your management style, lease format, Scope of Service, owner handbook, how safely you’ll operate and how much money you’ll make. It will drive every policy and process you operate by. A properly written PMA will protect you from the hazards of the business and make you scalable and profitable. A poorly written PMA will expose you to risks and prevent you from being scalable and from making the kind of money you should make. Have a customized agreement and you’ll get control of your business, find it simpler to run, have less conflict (litigation) and turn it into a money machine.

Starting with our document (or yours) we’ll help you craft a PMA exactly as it should be with all the CYA protections and revenue-generating strategies you need to become a successful and prosperous manager. We’ll help you shape the agreement to your model and state laws. We don’t leave you alone in this project but partner with you to have a document just as you want to operate and hand hold you through the entire process. We’ve been offering this document online for several years and over 100 managers (in 17 states) have adopted it.

This is much more than just the document. This is 35 years of experience wrapped up in documents (plus training videos) including all the proper disclosures to turn on the revenue streams and turn property management into a Cash Cow, CYA protections and things you didn’t even know you needed (and won’t even think about) until it’s too late.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars with our lawyer over the last three decades perfecting and revising these documents. They have prevented countless lawsuits and disputes with owners and have made us tons of money (literally millions). You will too if you acquire these documents and put them to work in your business. Or, learn from your own experiences over the next 25 years, make your own mistakes and create your own war stories and documents. The choice is yours.

Our document was originally drafted in the mid 90's by a large prominent real estate litigation firm in Atlanta, Georgia and attorney Monica Gilroy (a landlord/tenant litigator) has been tweaking, editing, updating, revising, and perfecting it for us ever since. Revisions have been driven by the ever changing license law, landlord tenant law, federal and state law and our experiences with over 9,000 tenants. It is undoubtedly the best CYA management agreement you could ever use and full of revenue-generating strategies.

What you get:

  • A fully editable management agreement (PMA) that you will add your name to, make some dollar (and percentage) changes, and be up and running in a couple of hours.

  • A document to help you fill in the necessary information (the right way) so your final agreement is exactly as it should be. The “Instructions to Adapt the Management Agreement to Your Company” identifies all the blanks to fill in so you don’t miss anything in the agreement to adapt it to your model.

  • An example PMA completely filled in so you see what it should look like when you’re done.

  • 27 studio-shot training videos (4 to 8 minutes each) covering every detail of the management agreement. View library of videos. This makes great training for your staff so you’re not doing it all yourself.

  • Two one-hour consulting sessions with Robert going over your final document and answering all your questions. You can request these as you’re going through the document or as you finish it.

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You’re not alone in this effort. Our mission is to help you customize this document (or help you tweak yours) to work in your model and in compliance with your state laws. We’ll collaborate with you to make sure it’s exactly what you need to be scalable and profitable in your market.

Module #1 The Customized Management Agreement $1,495.00. (Subscribers receive 20% off)

Think of this as what you might earn leasing one property, or about the cost of two hours with a medium-priced attorney. Clients tell us they make up this cost in the first month or two of use because of the revenue streams they discover in the training.

Literally this will MAKE YOU MONEY … NOT COST YOU MONEY.