LLC Affidavit and Certification of Authority


Often a property is held in a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for asset protection or to hide the identity of the real owner. Many investors use this strategy to mask who the owner is. Hiding title is a popular form of creating anonymity and this often confuses the property manager. Don’t become one of the tricked ones in the long list of owners wishing to remain anonymous. It’s your job as the licensed professional to get the paperwork right or you’ll pay a stiff price for failing to. You have no closing attorney to figure this out for you so you must do it yourself. Require the one claiming to be in charge to complete and execute this LLC affidavit and keep it in your records. These documents will protect you when things go wrong and they are simple to fill out. Get the person claiming ownership (or signing authority) to complete it, execute it in front of a witness and notary for your protection. You’ll sleep better knowing you have crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s.