Rent Recovery Post Move Out Video Series


“The problem”

Collections is a natural extension of your property management business

Anatomy of post move collections

Our experience with post move out collections

6 Stages managers go through on this subject. What are your options for collecting post move out balances? 

What makes Rent Recovery better than traditional debt collection? How can you succeed when others don’t?

Who we are … What we do .. meet the team

I Can do this myself

I have a great lawyer doing this for me

I don’t want my staff talking to past tenants. 

How to get started

Who is attorney Monica Gilroy?

Category B

Charestics of Consumer Debt Collection

Most of the money belongs to the owner

How do I get them to release it to me?

You must work with tenants that value their credit

“I’m already tied to a traditional debt collection company”

How much is available to pursue? (three distinct buckets of money to chase)

How far back can I go?

Post Move out revenue will improve your sale price

We will MAKE YOU more than we COST YOU

When is 50% more than 60%

Who to pursue first

How to get started

You can’t add your costs of collection to the amount they owe

Success makes your company worth more upon sale. 

Co-signers … beefing up your success with collections

How successful will you be

You must have the ability to effect their credit score

You must rent to those who value their credit

The most common pushback from tenants

Why is this a marathon

We’ll teach you how to be successful at collecting balances

Who we will partner with?

Myth 69 “My state law won’t let me affect someones credit 

Just because you say it doesn’t make it true .. Adhesion contracts

How far back can I go

There is often some Cleaning Up of your files

Post sign up series AFTER NDA

Seven stages of collections

How can we file a legal action in other states

Why does the manager have to attend the court action?

Getting the owner to release the balance to you


More to come


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