Managing the Property After Move In (202)

Once the tenant is in the property you have to … Manage the Money. Manage the Owner, Manage the Tenant, Manage the Property, Manage the Move Out and the Separation process.

3 HR Class with Handouts

This workshop is 3 hours and can be taught with (or without) Georgia CE credit. Topics can also be adapted for conference breakout sessions or luncheon events. It is not state specific. See table of contents below.

3hr GREC Course #60006

3 Hour Class Description

Once the tenant moves in, there are six processes to administrate. Managers manage the money according to the real estate commission rules with regards to rent collection, NSF checks, processing late rent and evictions, reporting to owners, fees, and keeping trust accounts balanced. In this section we’ll address all the money issues of property management.

Managing the Owner issues include foreclosures, management agreement renewals, contacting the tenant, home warranty issues, battling HOA issues, emergencies, and a host of other challenges. We’ll also address when and how to terminate an owner.

Managing the Tenant covers unauthorized pets, early termination, default, property visits, and other tenant-related management challenges.

Managing the Property includes maintenance, home warranty issues, lawn care, scheduled maintenance options, emergency maintenance processes, vendor interactions and physical property issues.

Managing the Move Out includes the inspection, settling the security deposit, managing disputed charges, clearing out the escrow accounts and dealing with utilities and lawn care.

Rent Recovery examines the steps managers can take to recover unpaid rent and damage charges owed by the tenant after they’ve vacated the property.

Managing Separations includes getting owner’s instructions, settling escrow account disputes, and following the real estate commission’s escrow account requirements. We’ll examine the different strategies depending on whether termination happens while it’s still occupied or vacant.

This workshop is all about managing after the move in, through the move out, rent recovery and separation with the owner.

Table of Contents
  1. Managing the Money
    • Property Management Software
    • Escrow Money
    • Rent Collection
    • Resident’s Money
    • Owner’s Money
  2. Managing the Owner
    • Property Manager’s Job Description
    • Scope of Services
    • Owner Handbook
    • HOA Issues
  3. Managing the Tenant
    • Tenant Handbook
    • Lease Renewal
    • Violations
  4. Managing the Property
    • Maintenance
    • Home Warranties
    • Property Visits
    • Lawn Care
    • Habitability
  5. Managing Move Outs
    • Before Move Out
    • During Move Out
    • After Move Out
  6. Managing the Separation
  7. Rent Recovery

Testimonies About this Class

I have watched Robert do real estate for over 20 years. He is one of the sharpest realtor's I know. We have designed, revised, and proofed his documents since the day he started in this business. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in a wide range of nontraditional real estate. We have great confidence in his work and you will too.
Richard Raymer, Managing Partner, McCalla, Raymer, Patrick, Cobb, Nichols, and Clark, Roswell, GA

I recently attended one of Robert’s classes because I needed some CE credit. I'm an agent and I own rental property but I did not expect to receive a lot of information from the class that I could use on a daily basis. However, I was pleasantly surprised as Robert was very engaging, passionate and extremely knowledgeable and his content and presentation style kept my attention for three solid hours. I would recommend this class to anyone as I received a lot of great information that will make me a better agent and a better landlord.
Belinda Reed, Account/Project Management Consultant for Sotheby's Atlanta Fine Homes, Atlanta, GA