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Subscribers are the lifeblood of our business so we want to be sure you feel we’re taking good care of you. One way we do this is to give you special access to things on our site only available to Subscribers. We’ll keep rotating the Dashboard content so you continue to receive updates and the most recent videos, documents and strategies for making your business more successful. We’ll add video classes you can share with your staff to create conversations for your staff meetings and some private ones for your eyes only. We’ll show you how other students are faring with new revenues and addressing staff challenges, announce upcoming workshops, and pass on tips and tricks for property managers.

Every month we’ll add some FREE DOCUMENTS for you to download and add to your business. We’ll pass on stories of new Subscribers and how they are doing with our products and services.

The bottom line is we want to serve you so you’ll always feel your monthly subscription has a big payoff. Please let us know what else you’d like to see on this page.

Thank you for your patronage.

Lease Signature Block if Manager Signs for Owner
Lease Signature Block if Manager Signs for Owner
Product What Landlords Must Know about Service Animals
What Landlords Must Know about Service Animals
Product 15 Fair Housing Questions and Answers About Assistive Animals
15 Fair Housing Questions and Answers About Assistive Animals
Product Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA
Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA
Power of Attorney 350
Power of Attorney (Freebie)
Roommate Addendum
Roommate Addendum (Freebie)
Homeowner Association Agreement - Resident Sign Up - Training Property Managers LLC
Homeowner Association Agreement (Freebie)
Late Fee Coupon
Late Fee Coupon

“I’ve worked with Crown and used their documents ever since I started managing in 2010. I embraced just ONE of their revenue sharing programs and they’ve made me 10’s of thousands of dollars. I’m thrilled paying Crown some big money for their ideas, as long as they work for my model, and they certainly have."

Cam McCaa, Owner/Broker, My Intown Property Management, Atlanta GA

"We did ONE revenue sharing with Crown, and so far, we expect an additional $400,000 of revenue in the next five years. His descriptions are thorough and easy to implement. We just wish we had started this years ago."

Matt Manaker, Charleston Home Rentals LLC, Charleston SC.

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This is the part of our site where all the products, resources, videos, forms, manuals, handbooks, customized management agreements and leases, money-making ideas, CYA protections, checklists, service animal/comfort pet training and all you’ll ever need to run a safe and profitable management business. This is the “Mother Load”.

It will take us six to twelve months to get it all posted, and we’ll keep posting more as time goes on, but there will be more than you can digest before the end of the year. I’ve been digging through our 35 years of document archives and there’s more than I thought.

If you register we’ll send you notices as we post things so you’ll know what’s there and where to look for it.

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