Module # 2 (Housekeeping, Ancillary, Entity Documents)


Buy Module #2: What you get: Housekeeping Documents: Mold / Mildew / Moisture Disclosure; Establishing & Maintaining the Trust Account; Personal Property Disclaimer; Owner’s Mortgage Disclosure; W-9 Form; Lead Paint and Flood Disclosure; Authorization to Add Agent (property manager) as an Additional Insured; Property Features; Authorization and Agreement for Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/ACH); Maintenance Disclosure; Owner Declaration and Data Schedule; Unenforceable Terms in the Lease Disclosure; New Property/Owner Sign Up Checklist. Ancillary Documents: Owner’s Homeowner Association Disclosure; Power of Attorney; Modification of Agreement Addendum;  Adding a Property to an Existing Management Agreement, New Property/Owner Sign Up Checklist; Multiple Owner Declaration and Data Schedule; Entity Declaration and Data Schedule; Home Warranty Disclosure and Agreement. Entity Documents: Certification of Trust and a sample; Corporate Resolution and a sample; Limited Liability Company Affidavit and a sample.



Over the years we have figured out there are some things you need to address in stand-alone documents (separate from the PMA) because they need special attention. Things like mold disclosures, foreclosure disclosures, personal property disclosures, agency disclosures and maintenance processes are examples. Sometimes, when a big topic is addressed in the management agreement, it stretches the document into 10 or 12 pages which is too long. Some management agreements go on for 14+ pages (using type size 8 to fit it all in) and are overwhelming owners and arduous for us to manage. Long agreements generate too much information (and suspicion) for the owner. A better strategy is to remove some topics from the management agreement and put them on separate pages the owner signs but you don’t (Housekeeping Documents). Occasionally the home has special characteristics like a hot tub, it’s in a HOA community or has a commercial home warranty and you’ll want a special document to address these unique situations (Ancillary Documents). Occasionally the property will be held in a state-sanctioned entity like a Land Trust, LLC or Corporation and you’ll need an affidavit to pin down the owner hiding behind the curtain so you make sure you’re dealing with the right person (Entity Documents). All of these documents are critical to your protection, will prevent litigation and generate more revenue.

These are CYA documents designed to protect you from the litigation coming your way. They add body armor to your business and keep you from getting sued. Protect yourself from lawsuits with these Housekeeping, Ancillary and Entity Documents.

What you get:

  • A fully editable management agreement (PMA) that you will add your name to, make some dollar (and percentage) changes, and be up and running in a couple of hours.

  • A document to help you fill in the necessary information (the right way) so your final agreement is exactly as it should be. The “Instructions to Adapt the Management Agreement to Your Company” identifies all the blanks to fill in so you don’t miss anything in the agreement to adapt it to your model.

  • An example PMA completely filled in so you see what it should look like when you’re done.

  • 27 studio-shot training videos (4 to 8 minutes each) covering every detail of the management agreement. View library of videos. This makes great training for your staff so you’re not doing it all yourself.

  • Two one-hour consulting sessions with Robert going over your final document and answering all your questions. You can request these as you’re going through the document or as you finish it.

Not ready? Check this out

You’re not alone in this effort. Our mission is to help you customize this document (or help you tweak yours) to work in your model and in compliance with your state laws. We’ll collaborate with you to make sure it’s exactly what you need to be scalable and profitable in your market.

Module #1 The Customized Management Agreement $1,495.00. (Subscribers receive 20% off)

Think of this as what you might earn leasing one property, or about the cost of two hours with a medium-priced attorney. Clients tell us they make up this cost in the first month or two of use because of the revenue streams they discover in the training.

Literally this will MAKE YOU MONEY … NOT COST YOU MONEY.

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