Special Ancillary Documents Package # 3 to be used WHEN APPROPRIATE


15. Homeowner Association Agreement 16. Roommate Agreement 17. Hot Tub Exhibit to Lease 18. Limited Power of Attorney 19. Personal Property Schedule 20. Move me in even though the property is not ready for occupancy 21. Military Exhibit 22. Guarantee of Payment (Co-signor Agreement) 23. Security System Disclaimer 24. Security Deposit Promissory Note


Customized Lease Agreement

This lease is the result of experiences we have had with 9,000+ tenants over the last 35 years managing for over 3,000 owners including private landlords, equity groups and government agencies. Every time we get kicked in the teeth we add some language to this document so it won’t happen again. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars with our law firm on this document over the years and continue to tweak, polish, refine and adapt it to protect ourselves from litigation and make us money. Even though we have lots of supporting documents (see housekeeping documents below) the lease is seven pages and 32 stipulations.

The biggest advantage of this lease is you discover all the fees we’ve added to it over the years. You not only get a killer lease, designed for professional managers, but you pick up 40+ ideas on ways to generate more income while managing your tenants. According to our attorney we should sell this for $2,000 (she would charge $4,000) but we want lots of managers using it so we priced it at a fraction of its value. The income you’ll gain in the first year alone would justify spending several thousand dollars for it.

You can get a lease anywhere but not one from a manager with 35 years of professional landlord experience. You can learn this stuff yourself over the next 20 to 30 years or have it today by downloading this document. This is the rental agreement we use today and are doing 30 to 40 move-ins a month.

You can download this rental agreement with (or without) the supporting (housekeeping) documents. It works great as a stand-alone agreement or in conjunction with all the other documents listed below.

These documents are all in Word format (not PDF) so you can add your company name and tweak them to your model. Most were crafted for us by attorney Monica Gilroy in response to someone blaming, suing or terminating us over something we didn’t want to happen again.

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