Customized Management Agreement

PMA Module #1: The Customized Property Management Agreement and Training Notes

The documents on this site are the result of a 25-year collaboration between national trainer Robert Locke RMP, MPM and trial attorney Monica Gilroy as Crown Management navigated its way through the legal challenges of managing rentals in Atlanta. Monica’s expertise in real estate litigation (especially landlord/tenant and fair housing disputes) uniquely equipped her to write great property management agreements (PMA) that managers have been downloading and embracing for years. Over 65 managers (in 17 states) now use these documents and benefit from the experience of Robert and Monica.

What you get in Module #1

  • A fully editable management agreement (PMA) that you will add your name to, make some dollar (and percentage) changes, and be up and running in a couple of hours. Although it starts out at 25 pages you’ll simply delete the instructor notes as you add your numbers and percentages to the document ending up with a killer PMA only six pages. View a sample
  • We add an example six page PMA, completely filled in, so you see what it should look like when you’re done.

Because of their extensive experience in the business, this customized PMA (with instructor notes) is sufficient for some veteran managers. For others we also make available Module #2; a library of training videos on the PMA to help you strengthen your understanding of how to build a profitable management agreement. We go into detail regarding most stipulations in the agreement and explain why it’s important. These videos address only owner (management agreement) issues and follow (and expands on) the customized PMA training notes in Module #1. See Module #2 below for more information.

We’ve added several testimonials on this page from other managers who have embraced these documents and found them easy to implement and get current owners to execute.

You’re not alone in this effort. Our mission is to help you customize this document to work in your model. We’ll collaborate with you to make sure it’s exactly what you need to be scalable and profitable in your market.

These documents were drafted by attorney Monica Gilroy and Robert Locke and are usable in all states. Always run legal documents by your local attorney before you use them.