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Global Strategic is an international provider of custom business process solutions that deliver enhanced efficiency and improved productivity across a variety of industries.

We presently partner with Property Management Organizations, Accounting Firms, Insurance Providers, Real Estate Brokerages, Staffing Firms and Legal Professionals.  Our global workforce is comprised of individuals in the U.S., and the Philippines, who design, implement and provide solutions that dramatically increase clients’ production levels and profit margins.

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Rent Scale

RentScale Rent Scale Trusted Vendor Training Property Managers LLC Robert Locke
RentScale Rent Scale Trusted Vendor Training Property Managers LLC Robert Locke 2

The RentScale process involves building a comprehensive sales playbook that is custom tailored to your specific organizational strengths.

Are you ready to operationalize sales?

You’ve optimized your customer service, built systems for accounting and even documented all maintenance procedures – so why are you still winging it in the sales department? Find out how to finally replace yourself as the only salesperson in the company with your very own custom system and sales playbook.

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Profit Coach

ProfitCoach Profit Coach Trusted Vendor Training Property Managers LLC Robert Locke
Profit Coach

We Take the Guess Work Out of Growth


You manage properties like a pro and you might even be growing, but are you tracking the critical KPI’s that will dictate whether or not you hit your long term growth goals? Hope and hardwork are not a strategy. Let us help you turn your data into powerful insights that truly put you in the driver seat of your business future.

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Lead Simple

Lead Simple Leadsimple Trusted Vendor Training Property Managers Robert Locke
Lead Simple

The CRM for Professional Property Managers

Raising the bar for sales in the property management industry

LeadSimple was born out of our frustration in seeing property managers waste good leads and miss prime marketing opportunities.

Since 2008 we've generated tens of thousands of leads for property management companies across the nation. We've been in the trenches with our clients and know first hand about the challenges of being a small business and wearing a lot of different hats.

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Abodea, formerly SuperTenders, was the first to create a maintenance coordination solution to provide relief for property managers of long-term and short-term rentals, investors, and community associations who are on call 24/7. We recognized the need for a professional, trustworthy solution to address tenant maintenance calls quickly and efficiently, and make our clients’ lives less stressful.

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OnSight Pro


Property Reporting Services


Created By Property Managers For Property Managers


When I started managing properties in 2005, my focus was on the tasks I felt were most important - - - collecting rent, handling maintenance issues, and evicting bad tenants. When it came to routinely checking on properties and making sure tenants were not breaking their lease, I was not always the best.

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Tenant Turner

Tenant Turner NARPM

Tenant Lead Scheduling Software



Beautiful software with call center and electronic lockboxes at a predictable, affordable price.

In 2009, James Barrett became an accidental landlord after his home lost a third of its value during the Great Recession. He was eager to turn a profit on the home but ran into struggles with finding high-quality tenants.

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Marketplace Homes

mph_logo (1)

Moving the World Since 2002

Since 2002, we’ve been creating real estate solutions that help people move into a new home no matter what their situation. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry by challenging ourselves to develop innovative processes that provide clients with the best moving experience possible.

We’re working day in and day out to benefit our clients, to foster growth in our builder partners’ businesses and to grow beyond the status quo.

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Alex Osenenko President and CEO

We Help Property Management Companies Scale. Guaranteed.

Fourandhalf offers marketing solutions for property managers. Since our first day on January 1, 2012, we’ve served a singular purpose of helping over 700 property management businesses grow and thrive. After several years of delivering consistent outcomes for our clients, our team has earned a prestigious Inc.

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Virtually Incredible


Todd Breen Virtually Incredible with Training Property Managers

VirtuallyInCredible was created by Todd Breen, a real estate broker and company owner who has pioneered several unique methods of using videos tours and inspection videos to market and manage real estate. Here’s a word from our founder:

I’ve been using simple and easy videos in my real estate business since 1994. The videos make me tens of thousands of extra dollars every year!

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FilterEasy Trusted Vendor with Training Property Managers NARPM

We know how easy it is to forget about air filters and we know how important it is to change them on time. That's why we created FilterEasy.

We are proud to have created a fun and fast-paced work environment driven by an all-star team. We’ll admit that air filters might not seem like the “coolest” product to sell, but don’t be fooled!

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Edward Gonzales and the Rently Lockbox Showing Solution

Rently is the premier electronic lockbox showing solution. Utilizing Rently’s lockbox showing solution, renters can instantly and securely access properties at their convenience. This method, also referred to as Self-Service Showing, is becoming the industry norm, and potential renters are expecting this service more and more.

Rently uses Sentrilock Lockboxes as a shell, with a Banking-level encryption technology that pre-loads millions of millions of codes onto each box, and is able to determine if each code entered is the correct code for that date and time.

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OnePoint Service


One Point Service Group Mr Rekey Training Robert Locke MPM Training Property Managers 650

With more than 35 years of business experience, Kenneth Jennings has vast industry knowledge and is also the founder of more than 40 businesses. He is currently the CEO of many successful businesses including America’s Largest Residential Locksmith® company.

At the young age of 13, Ken’s entrepreneurial spirit became apparent when he started his first business selling garden seeds door-to-door.

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Attorney Monica Gilroy

Monica Gilroy esquire

As managing partner of The Gilroy Firm, Monica Gilroy Esq has over 24 years of experience practicing law. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin in 1990 and a J.D. from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1993.  In addition, Ms. Gilroy attended the Ealing College of Higher Education in a study abroad program.

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National Service Charity

National Service Charity might be the only national non-profit in existence without a cause.

Our cause is defined by the donor or volunteer. We supply the non-profit structure, counsel and organization. You provide the agenda.

The private sector is 100 times more able to help build the social welfare than the government. We just need leadership.

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GO AIB Insurance

My Speciality Is Professional Property Managers, Private Landlords and the people they deal with.

For 40 years I’ve heard the language of real estate as my family was consumed with property management and landlording in Georgia. My focus as an insurance professional is on the issues that affect the professional property manager and private investor including things like …

For the Property Managers

  • General Liability
  • Workmans Comp
  • Unowned Auto
  • Professional E&O
  • Discrimination Insurance

For the Property Owners

  • Landlord Insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Liability
  • Commercial Umbrella Liability

For the Tenants

  • Renters Insurance
  • Renters Liability

For the Vendors

  • General Liability
  • Workmans Comp

We help managers Make Money On Insurance for their owners, tenants and vendors.

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